About Us

Our products are handmade by a black woman in her own home. We strive to support small business local to our community, and this is why we are proud to have chosen her to make our products. We believe in the power of supporting black-owned businesses and this is our way of contributing to a more equitable society. We also value the quality that comes with hand crafting each individual product. This enables us to ensure each and every product meets our exacting standards.


In addition to the black woman who makes the products, her daughter also assists in the making of them. We believe in the power and importance of family, which is why we cherish having a mother and daughter team working together to make our products. The bond between them strengthens the quality of each product and provides a sense of satisfaction that only comes from family. We are committed to our values and are proud to be able to offer this unique product which is crafted with love and care.